"Our SELF-DESIGNED Masterpieces, to make YOU feel SPECIAL"

KP & Company prides itself in serving the customers and artisans since last 40 years
and delivering exquisite hand made carpets made in India to across the globe. Hand Knotted Wool Rug comes to you after going through a long supply chain; starting from procuring the finest quality wool to making & dying of yarns, then knotted into a base carpet by the hard labor of our artisans, leading to washing and final finishing of the carpets.We believe and live the philosophy that you 'take home a beautiful and lifelong relationship' when you buy our carpets that are beautifully crafted
by our artisans with great love and passion.

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Over the forty years, KP & Company has been successful in fulfilling the flooring choices of a number of consumers across the globe.

We have gained trust and confidence of our customers on the global level by enhancing the beauty of their rooms. Our wide range of carpets with numerous patterns and textures add a sophisticated look to your home.

We take pride in offering our fine and exclusive collections of exquisite hand-made carpets which are made in India. Moreover, through selling of our carpets ,Buy online Carpets in USA our company is dedicated towards presenting and promoting the Indian culture in the western world. The quality of the carpets is strictly monitored and maintained through a long supply chain right from the procurement of the finest quality wool to the manufacturing & dying of yarns and to the woven into a base carpet by our hard-working and skilled artisans.

We believe in the philosophy that you make a beautiful and lifelong relationship with your homes and our carpets help in fulfilling this dream by giving an elegant and modern look to your home with a feel of joy.

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We are in the field of manufacture ring and Exporting  of Hand Made Carpets for last 40 years. And now we are in process of setting up importing/distribution arm in USA for Hand Made Carpets of all types from all over the world. This can be a very good opportunity as the carpets shall be available at extremely low valuations and American demand picking up. High mark up business Depending on funding available distribution model can be made wholesale/ retailing as retailing would require additional investment.Buy Carpets Online at Low Price.

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