If you keep your carpet properly clean and maintain it well, it can improve the quality of the air in your home! This is because it traps dust and allergens, and when it is cleaned (properly) you eliminate all of the particles from stirring back into the air.


A machine made rug is more durable than a handmade rug.

A handmade rug, woven by skilled weavers, is much more durable than a machine made rug.

Cleaning of rugs should be entrusted to dry cleaners.

It is highly recommended to not give your rugs for cleaning to dry cleaners that might use chemicals that are only meant for cleaning of garments and in turn can spoil your precious rug. It is best to give your rugs for cleaning only to rug specialists who are masters in their field for best results.

For a modern décor, only a contemporary design rug is best suited.

Contrary to the popular belief, a traditional design rug would also be best suited for a modern type of décor. Such rugs are inspired by Persian motifs and provide an extremely sophisticated look to the space. Hence, whether the interiors of the space are modern or traditional, a Persian design rug would certainly be best fit for the area.

The value of a good quality rug decreases with time.

If a rug is made with great quality material, be it silk or wool and has great color combinations, unique design pattern etc. its value would certainly appreciate with time. As time elapses, a good quality rug ages like fine wine. Moreover, considering how laborious the rug weaving industry is, there is more demand than supply, which makes your special rug go up in value.


Because of its natural fire-safe characteristics, a woollen carpet is specified for installations with the most stringent flammability regulations, such as passenger aircrafts.

Wool's fire-safe qualities include:

A dropped cigarette. A tipped candle. A stray ember from the fireplace. Accidents happen. But better fiber means better carpet. And if it's wool, it's fire safe! What does that mean? Less chance of ignition, less likelihood of spreading, less smoke. So "fire safe" means peace of mind!