Rugs, Rugs and Rugs!!!!!

Rugs are the flooring materials which cheer up your room while providing comfort and warmth to your foot when you walk, sit or lie on them. Rugs not only decorate your entire room or home, but also shield the carpet from spill out, traffic, and harsh soil. Rugs slowdowns the tearing process of carpets and provide them a long life. Thus, it becomes easy to change a rug instead of the entire house of carpet. Moreover, carpeted rooms have high chances of having excellent internal air quality than those ones having rough floors.

Hand-knotted rugs are the representative of the real works of fine art. Every hand-knotted rug or carpet is unique piece in itself which symbolizes love, efforts, and structure. These are made from wool or silk, which add to the beauty of your space and get transferred to the then generation as family heirlooms. Apart from this, the popularity of Hand-knotted rugs is also due to their long durability and usability. Since they do not contain any glue or adhesives, they do not perish like machine-made rugs which usually last from two to ten years. Each thread of wool or silk in a hand-knotted rug or carpet is looped around a closest bond and protected with its own knot. These rugs can fight with heavy traffic and still look as beautiful as the day you purchased them fresh.

In this view, KP & Company has come with amazing quality rugs and carpets having strength and durability. The rugs and carpets manufactured by KP & Company work as a source pulling particles, filtering impurities from the air in order to remove  them and stay clean and fresh. Rugs also act as a carpet in the house. Thus, if any person in the family is suffering from any sort of lungs or respiratory diseases, you can buy KP rugs which you can vacuum easily on a regular basis or can get it clean through professional process. KP hand-knotted rugs can be conveniently cleaned as they are manufactured using no chemicals which react to water.

Apart from this, KP rugs and carpets accompany your home décor by acting as its foundation. A room decorated with hand-made rugs and carpets of KP would make your personal space look elegant and wide. KP collection contains all types, designs, colors, and textures of rugs and carpets so as to suit your needs and demands. These flooring materials are made up of pure wool, pure silk, and combination of both which provide vibrant hues and positive vibes to your room.

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